Michael Fletcher

Game Developer / Software Engineer

Fall 2011 - Spring 2012, Game, Sophomore
Team Size: 4 Devs

Blitzkrieg is a top-down multi-directional shooter, where the player takes control of a ship which much destroy a horde of enemies which have invaded its realm. Players will be introduced to four enemy types which they must learn how to destroy, and are given various power-ups in their quest of defending this world. Sometimes, the best attack strategy is a full-on Blitzkrieg. I worked on a team as the Graphics Programmer, Special Effects Programmer, GamePlay Programmer, and Tools Programmer on this project. The game was made with a custom game engine written from scratch using C++, hardware accelerated 2D graphics engine with fully programmable shader pipeline using Direct3D 9 and HLSL, Image post-processing, high performance particles systems and a particle effect editor.

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