Michael Fletcher

Game Developer / Software Engineer

Fall 2012 - Spring 2013, Game, Junior
Team Size: 5 Devs, 3 Game Designers, 1 Sound Designer, 5 Artists

(IN-PROGRESS) Aztech is a 3D arena brawler game set in a fictional sci-fi world where the Aztecs survived the Spanish Conquistadors and lived not only to the modern day, but beyond. With the Aztec Civilization evolved their traditional ball game, which has seen the addition of gladiatorial fighting, deadly traps, and hostile robots which make maneuvering the traditional ball court much more difficult and much more entertaining for the spectators! This is a 3D game that is being built from scratch using C++. This is a 2 semmester team project. I am currently the 3D Art-Pipeline and 3D Animations Programmer on this project.

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