Michael Fletcher

Game Developer / Software Engineer

I enjoy solving interesting problems, and I love learning new things. The areas of video game development that I enjoy most are game engine architecture and graphics programming. I've also done some gameplay programming, art-pipeline programming, and 3D animations programming.

I've been playing video games since before I could talk and now I make them. Actually being able to make video games wasn't a dream that I would realize until I was in the 7th grade when I emailed Nintendo and asked where do you go to learn how to make video games.
Nintendo replied with DigiPen, and until my senior year in high school I compared every other college with DigiPen.

Upon further research, I realized that DigiPen was indeed where I wanted to pursue an education in video game development and now I'm currently studying Computer Science at DigiPen Institute of Technology with a focus in Real-Time Interactive Simulations, where I am actually working on game teams and making video games just as I would in the industry. In addition to that, I have already started my professional career as a full-time software engineer, in the video games industry, working on an un-announced AAA title.